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My Kobo eReader

For some time I've been trying to recover the habit of reading and for some reason I thought that the best way to accomplish that was to buy an eReader device.

So, last year I've got myself a fairly cheap refurbished Kobo Clara HD from Ali Express. The experience has been very pleasant overall and I definitely read more now.

I've switched to Next.js

As you may have read on my first post this blog started as a little GatsbyJS website. Although I like Gatsby, It's been a while I was wanting to dip my toes on the very famous and praised react framework called Next.js, as so many (probably paid) videos and articles are always pointing out how great it is.

Banana Spleet

Recently I've been working on my spare time on a simple GUI app for the interesting tool called Spleeter by Deezer. Spleeter is a "source separation library with petrained models" whatever that means. It basically takes a song and splits it according to the different instruments and vocals it's AI detects. The end result is indeed quite impressive.