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Geoguessr random bot

Geoguessr random challenges telegram bot

I've made yet another telegram bot! Yay!

@geo_random_bot will send you random Geoguessr challenges links.

Post cover

"GeoGuessr is a geography game which takes you on a journey around the world and challenges your ability to recognize your surroundings."

Geoguessr challenges are a great way to start playing this game as they are completely free to play. This bot receives the challenge and stores them in a database, then it will answer whenever it receives the /random command with a previously stored random link. Should work in groups too.


A random challenge


Talk to @geo_random_bot

  • /random sends a random challenge

  • You can also specify the map, example:

    /random World

  • /all Shows a list of every challenge (Doesn't work in groups)

Send a challenge link to the bot and it will be saved it on the database.

  • Example of a challenge link:

Other stuff

In case you are interested in the technical aspects of the bot I've used the following python libraries:

This project took me a couple of hours to get the core functionality (store and send links) working and a couple of weeks more to polish everything else, such as showing the name of the map and the rules of the challenge, adding buttons and the complementary commands (/start and /all).

Might add some other features in the futures... Maybe.