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Banana Spleet

Recently I've been working on my spare time on a simple GUI app for the interesting tool called Spleeter by Deezer. Spleeter is a "source separation library with petrained models" whatever that means. It basically takes a song and splits it according to the different instruments and vocals it's AI detects. The end result is indeed quite impressive.

Banana Spleet's Screenshot

As Spleeter is originally just a CLI app, what I did was basically a GUI to use it. I've found a few similar projects on github but the ones that stood out to me sadly only worked on Windows (I use linux btw). It was also a great opportunity to use this silly name.

My take on this was using python, not only because I'm already quite familiar with this language, but also because that's also what Spleeter is built with, so I can easily import it's methods.

You can read more and install from here.