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My Kobo eReader

For some time I've been trying to recover the habit of reading and for some reason I thought that the best way to accomplish that was to buy an eReader device.

So, last year I've got myself a fairly cheap refurbished Kobo Clara HD from Ali Express. The experience has been very pleasant overall and I definitely read more now.

Post cover

Why not Kindle?

Because Kobo devices are capable to read .epub files, while kindle are limited to their proprietary format.

Mods and Apps

When it arrived I didn't know it had such a great modding community and funnily enough my device already came with koreader and nickelmenu pre-installed. I will now explain what these tools are and list all the hacks/modifications I've tried for this device.

Kobo main menu

Kobo main menu

Koreader & Plato

These two are alternative reader apps. Koreader has an horrendous UI but has many advanced features. Plato on the other hand, it's much prettier and user friendly. In the end I preferred using the default reader most of the time, although the previous two seem to be better for PDF reading which is something I seldom do.




Nickelmenu allows to add new entries to the many different menus such as start a ftp server, open the web browser, import new books, run apps, etc. Requires a bit of manual configuration but it was easy enough.


Soon I've realized that the books downloaded from the Kobo store worked better on the default reader than the ones from other sources. I've luckily came across with kepubify which converts the .epub files to the .kepub format used by Kobo for that matter. Kepubify has both a CLI app and a web app.


Calibre web screenshot

Calibre web

This one really surprised me. Calibre-Web it's a selfhosted web app that I run on my Raspberry Pi server. My original idea was accesing it through the built-in browser but that didn't work at all for me. By reading on their github wiki I've found out that Calibre-Web has an amazing Kobo sync integration.

It manages to connect the device to calibre web tricking it to believe that it's querying the official Kobo servers. It syncs all my books and auto-converts them with kepubify.


Either buy books from Kobo store directly o buy books without DRM. You can also learn how to remove DRM from kobo's books. A great source for free books is Anna's Archive.