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How to fix Elite Dangerous launcher issues on Linux

Elite Dangerous used to be playable out the box using Steam Proton but for some reason in the last few years it has become an immense hassle to play Elite Dangerous on Linux. While the game itself runs fine most of the times the launcher itself it's the one causing issues and it's completely broken under Linux.

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Sadly, Frontier Developments doesn't seem to care enough about Linux users, so we might need to try many of the solutions that users have suggested at protondb and see if anything works, which in my case they never did, except one.

After many months of not being able to launch the game, I randomly found out that there is a third-party launcher called min-ed-launcher (Minimal Elite Dangerous Launcher) that replaces the original launcher and runs directly from terminal. And it just works!

How to install Min-Ed-Launcher

You can simply download it from their github but in my case I got it from the AUR.

yay -S min-ed-launcher-bin

Next I've changed the game Launch Options on Steam to launch Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion using Konsole and prime-run:

konsole -e prime-run MinEdLauncher %command% /autorun /autoquit /edo

You will probably better off when you read MinEdLauncher documentation and set up to your own configuration.

Then launch the game and enjoy.


Minimal Launcher

That's all.